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Mathias Delplanque

Born in 1973 à Ouagadougou. He lives and works in Nantes.

“Mathias” Delplanque is a multifaceted artist – he is an electronic music composer, producer, performer, improviser, sound installation creator, music critic, composer for dance and theatre, and an educator (sound creation workshops). In 1998, just after graduating from the Beaux Arts School in Cergy Pontoise, he decided to stop sculpture and start sound creation. His work has developed across various identities (Lena, Bidlo, Stensil). The pieces he has created in his own name all deal with the relationship between music and space: music as architecture, spaces made of sounds, etc. He has released more than 20 cds with various labels (in France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Canada, Greece, the USA…) and often performs either alone or with other musicians. His work with space is regularly presented in galleries and art centres. He is in charge of the record label Bruit Clair.